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What You Need to Know about Vinyl Flooring

There are various floor types that can be used when you are constructing a house. One type that has gained wide adaption by homeowners is the Neutex Vinyl Flooring. This is a type of floor that is made by mixing Polyvinyl Chloride and Plasticizers to make the flooring material. This flooring type was first used in the early 19th century, and by mid the 19th century it was a major competitive flooring type.

There are several people who confuse this flooring type for the wood floor because of the look that it takes when installed in a house. There are various characteristics that make Vinyl Flooring a competitive type of flooring. In this article, we will analyse the various reasons why Vinyl Flooring is widely used by homeowners. Towards the end, we will also determine some of the disadvantages of using this type of flooring.

It Takes Low Cost to Maintain Vinyl Flooring

Compared to the other floor types, you will incur a very low cost to maintain this type of floor. Once you install it in your house, it will save you the cost associated with floor maintenance and therefore the reason why people use it. In case of scratches on the surface, you will easily buff them out, and this will cost you a very low amount. Compared to other types of flooring, removing the same would cost you a higher amount. Routine maintenance which involves keeping the dust off the surface can be done conveniently without the need for specialised equipment. Just a damp mop can be used to keep the surface of Vinyl Flooring clean and remove any stains on the floor. Compared to other types of floor, it is not easy to remove stains. This is the reason why you will find stubborn stains that cannot be removed even using strong detergents and sometimes require complete replacement.

The Surface Is Water Resistance and Hence Lasts Long

The Vinyl Flooring is the perfect choice for your bathroom and laundry rooms. This is because of the ability to resist penetration of water. Most flooring types have a disadvantage of being not water resistance and hence need to be replaced regularly. However, if you use this type of flooring, you will almost forget the issues related to being water resistant or not. In many cases, people have been complaining that the floor types become soaked and later need to replace it soon. However, if you use the Vinyl Flooring, this issue will be a thing of the past soon. It is important to make sure that the vinyl floor types are properly installed by a qualified technician so that it can be able to resist water penetration well. Note that if the surface is not properly installed, then it will not be able to serve you for long. However, if you hire a qualified technician to do the installation, then the floor will be able to serve you for a very long time without allowing water to penetrate the surface.

Vinyl Flooring Is a Type of Floor That Is Very Easy to Install

Are you looking for a floor type that can be installed easily? Then you will not go wrong if you choose the Vinyl Flooring which is the number one type of floor. You have the choice between the traditional gluing method and the floating floor which is also gaining popularity. The floating floor is adhesive free, and therefore you don’t have to apply any special material. You just lay the floor flat, but you need to hire a professional to prepare the surface for you appropriately. The professional Vinyl Flooring specialist is able to make sure that the surface is dimensionally stable before the floor is laid on the surface. The interlocking Vinyl Flooring is more tasking as you have to lay the floor in a special way. You also need extra care to make sure the patterns are maintained throughout the floor surface.

The Initial Cost of Vinyl Flooring Is Lower Than Other Flooring Types

A square meter of Vinyl Flooring material is relatively low priced, and hence you will find it more affordable. The affordability makes it the number one choice of floor type which is hence the reason why many people use it. Even the high end or what you would call the premium flooring type cost lower amounts compared to what the other floor types of same quality will cost. Note that the total cost of the Vinyl Flooring material will depend on the type of floor that you choose to use. There are different types that come at varying prices. Therefore, you will pay more for the high quality and lesser amounts for the fair quality of Vinyl Flooring material. Before you choose the material you want to use, it is important you confirm the durability and also the texture of the material used to determine how comfortable it is.

The Appearance Changes with Age

If you purchase the lower quality vinyl material, you are likely to notice some yellowing as it ages. This is a major drawback that might require you to consider changing the floor after a while. Therefore, it becomes necessary to pay more for the higher quality vinyl material that will last longer and is not susceptible to the yellowing associated with low-cost materials. If the surface is subjected to heating or exposed to sunlight for a prolonged period of time, then it becomes easy to fade out. This discolouration can be avoided by choice of the premium quality Vinyl Flooring material.

Being non-biodegradable, it becomes very hard to handle the waste materials of Vinyl Flooring. This is a drawback that affects the environment negatively. This makes the vinyl material an environmental hazard especially after you dispose of a surface you want to replace. It is not easily recyclable, and hence it will cause landfill issue. Further, the chemicals used in its manufacture can cause toxic effect, and this is dangerous.

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